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 MailCaptain offers a plateform and solutions around Emailing (Marketing and Transactional). We help our clients communicate proactively via email. Take your email communication beyond the inbox. Take advantage of our 15 years of experience in emailing to help you in this process. The support is at your service daily.

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Our experts are at your disposal to accompany you every day from Monday to Friday. Trust our 15 years of experience in emailing.

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Build better relationships with your recipients with every campaign you send with the platform MailCaptain. We provide you with the best marketing tools you need to communicate at your best. 

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Our delivery capacity, reliability and scalability of MailCaptain are our priorities. Apply for your account and start sending your emails today. 

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Take advantage of our Drag’n’Drop editor or our HTML editor in WYSIWYG to create impactful and effective newsletters.


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MailCaptain, the Emailing Plateform Made In France. 

In 2007, we decided to start working together in order to make Emailing more efficient and accessible.

We took 4 years to create this plateform to find the right balance between derivability and affordability.
This gave birth to our first platform named Emailing-Routage, then some time later we decided to evolve the platform.

We are pleased to present to you today MailCaptain.


Our customers talk about us 


Sandrine Lacotte

The MailCaptain team is a team that has been supporting my mail development for years in an optimal way. Thanks a lot.

Monsieur SEO

Michaël Turcan

We have been working together for years. With the right settings from the MailCaptain team, I get perfect results.


Marianne Jeppson

We have launched campaigns together and I am very happy about the result. 


Aleksander Thomson

You need to send emailing campaigns? Contact them 🙂

Fabien Charbit

We send email campaigns mainly to the USA and everything is going well! The deliverability is good and the returns are present.


Chris Cutler

They do a great job and this small team in France is great at emailing. Keep it up!


Stay connected with your customers in a permanent way.

With our personalized campaign editor, you can set up, in advance, configurable newsletters in a few clicks. Take advantage of a considerable time saving for a remarkable result.


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